Types of Appraisals

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An appraisal is a formal evaluation of an item or group of items to determine value, estimate replacement cost, or calculate present worth.

What types of Appraisals do we provide?

Williamsburg Appraisers is pleased to offer a wide range of services for your estate or personal property valuation needs.

An appraisal may be needed or required for the following:

Insurance – We assist clients by providing appraisals of your valuable personal property which is often needed to obtain adequate insurance coverage, or in the case that is damage or loss claim is being made.

Estate – We assist estate owners, executors or others by providing appraisals that determine the value of property, facilitate the equitable disbursement of property, assists financial planners in determining valuations for efficient estate planning.

Divorce and Separation of Assets – We assist individuals by determining property values in the case of a divorce or other distribution of assets.

Property Evaluation – We assist individual and companies by developing appraisals that may be used to determine values for a merger/acquisition or to establish assets for a collateral loan evaluation.

Insurance Adjustments – We assist adjusters by properly identifying and valuating property in loss/damage situations, facilitating the claims process. Proper identification and valuation of property assets can save the company time and money in claims settlements.

Donations and Charitable Contributions – We assist donors in obtaining accurate valuations which meet federal requirements and are accepted by the IRS.

We do not perform real estate appraisals. For real estate appraisals in Williamsburg contact David Hertzler