Why Hire an Appraiser?


Here are some of the reasons to hire Williamsburg Appraisers:

  • Purchase Insurance Coverage: We can help you determine value for insurance purposes. Are you adequately covered for any losses?  Do you have an insurance rider for your personal property for antiques, artwork, coin collections or other valuables?
  • Property Damage or Loss Claim: We can assist in any losses such as a theft or damages from fire or other disasters.
  • Donations and Gifts: We can determine value for donations and gifts. Do you wish to make a donation to your favorite charity? Our appraisals meet or exceed IRS requirements.
  • Selling an Item or Purchasing an Item: We can help you to take the risk out of this process by determining value so that you do not purchase an item too high or sell an item too low. 
  • Estate Planning: We can help you to determine the value of your personal property for estate planning purposes.
  • Equitable Distribution for an Estate: We can determine the value of the personal property in an estate so that you can divide assets in the manner intended and provide documentation for your decisions.
  • Estate Taxation: We can provide valuable appraisal reports that meet or exceed IRS requirements.
  • Desire to Know More About an Object and its Value: We can help you to determine the value of the painting left to you by Aunt Margaret or the sideboard in the attic and provide piece of mind, and more.